Ecuadorian Yaraví  (2017)

Xylography / 3 pages

Adaptation of the Yaraví "Veneno de amor" (love posion) by Hevil Chávez performed by the Duo Benitez and Valencia.

"I eagerly feed
 this fire
 in which I blaze and burn".

This song belongs to the yaravi gender, that was performer for funerals, some characteristic are the  low tempo and minor scales with a allegro final performing a lot of power an energy. Sort kind of reanimation or reborn from the hashes of sadness 
The Yaraví in the words of the master Humberto Salgado "is a kind of Indo-Andean ballad, extended to all the peoples subjugated by the Incario and with the primitive name of haravec, we distinguish in that two types: the indigenous (composite binary, 6/8 ) and Creole (simple ternary 3/4). Both with elegiac character and larghetto movement ... "

Adaptación del relato  de Yaraví Veneno de amor de Hevil Chávez interpretado Por el duo Benitez y Valencia.

Woodcut details: