World Exposition (2018)
Linocut (24cm x 16,5cm)
World Exposition (2018) Linocut Part of the exhibition "Making mail", a project dedicated to "mail art" at the UrFU Contemporary Cultural Center (Ekaterinburg, Russia). Within the framework of Museum Night 2018.
Barranqueado (2018)
 Xilography  (29,7cm x 42cm each one)
First series of three print of a project that explores the possibilities of the "first person point of view" to immerse the viewer in scenes of rites  and mystical imagery
Ravine Musicians (2017)
 Xylograph 60cm x  32cm 
Part of a narrative project “Cheater Apprentice” where music plays a numinous role, this is  image is related to the second chapter of the narrative, that use the symbol of the “sacred river”  as a link between life and dead
Ecuadorian Yaravi (2017)
 Xylography 60cm x 30cm
Narrative interpretation of a fragment of the Ecuadorian song 
Veneno de amor, (Love Poison):

"I eagerly feed
 this fire
 in which I blaze and burn".
This song belongs to the yaravi gender, that was performer for funerals, one characteristic is the low tempo and minor scales and a allegro final with a lot of power an energy, a sort kind of reanimation or reborn from the hashes of sadness 
Ambling Souls Series
Two characters carrying scythes ambling  through dreamlike landscapes, where anthropomorphic animals perform different actions and rituals.
A series of prints on the reveries of consciousness in the territory of the unconscious.
Red Fox
Woodcut /15cm x 20cm  /2018  
Opossum and skulls
Woodcut / 10cm x 10cm / 2018
grabado barranco 011.jpg
Mountain demon
Woodcut / 30cm x 18cm / 2017
Stickers wood block 
Woodcut / 20cm x 38cm / 2017
Woodcut and linocut on fabric/ various sizes / 2017
Yo no... .jpg
I am not....
Etching and  Aquatint / 16cm x 28cm / 2014
Drypoint / 29cm x 42cm / 2013