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About me:

1990 Quito - Ecuador

Visual Artist, Printmaker and Comic Creator

Dedicated to visual research through narrative and the combination of different methods of image reproduction.

Co-founders of the Rey Neblina publishing house, dedicated to the independent production of graphic content in risography in Ecuador.
Leandro Lince Portfolio
Workshops and Lectures
Private linocut workshops.                Santa Elena, Ecuador.  May - July 2021
• Comic book creation, narrative writing and character creation.
   “La Perrra Gráfica”.                                 La Paz, Bolivia.  9 -10 of May 2018
• Comic book creation workshop and self-publishing development.
   “Léeme!, Self-publising Festival”.                          Lima, Peru  14 April 2018
• Nightmares on vignettes a comic books workshop.
  “Guayaquil Fanzine Fest”.                 Guayaquil, Ecuador. 17-18 March 2018
• Comic books creation and narrative writing.
  “International Book Fair of Quito”.               Quito, Ecuador.  November 2015
Participations and Art Exhibitions
• “Sin Formato”, Collective exhibition
    La Rueda Printmaking workshop             Sangolqui, Ecuador.  March 2021

• “Drawing and Printmaking Fair”, Collective exhibition
    Art Gallery N24.                                          Quito, Ecuador. December 2020

• “Making Mail”, Collective exhibition
    Contemporary Cultural Center  UrFU 
                                                                    Ekaterinburg , Rusia. 19 May 2018

• “Woodcuts”, Cllective exhibition
   “La Perra Gráfica”                                  La Paz, Bolivia. 9 - 10 of  May 2018
• Collective exhibition of risograph and printamaking pieces.
   Arcadia Mediatica.                                     Lima, Peru. 10 - 30  of April 2018

• Animation for the Sacred Headwaters Documentary.
  Amazon Watch.                                    Los Angeles, U.S.A. September 2017

• “Entreviñetas” 
    International festival of drawing and comics
                                                          Medellin, Colombia. 11-15 October 2017

• Collective Risograph publication.
  “Colmillo” Risograph studio                        Bogota, Colombia. October 2017
• International Street Art Festival Detonarte,
  San Roque Marquet                                     Quito, Ecuador. December 2014

• International Encounter of University Art IKAS Art
   Bilbao Exhibition Centre.                   Bilbao, Spain. 10 - 13 November 2011
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